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Lose fat by keeping it simple. No obsessing about diet. You have too many cool things to do — like go rock your physique.

Get Leaner with Chop Sticks?

Read time: 2 minutes I was eating dinner tonight and had a thought: what if we could lose fat by eating with chop sticks? The literature shows that if we eat slowly, we tend to eat less. By pacing our … Continue reading

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Intermittent Fasting and Fat Loss

Read time: 2 minutes So how do you lose the fat, get a lean body, and beat up the world? Most of you probably already know that a body like Brad Pitt’s comes mostly from exercise and dieting. But we’re … Continue reading

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Read time: 2 minutes My wife says that I did a “180.” I went from 204 pounds of fat to 175 pounds of lean weight. And at 5’8″ with this body weight, I competed fairly well in amateur bodybuilding. After … Continue reading

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