Coffee and A Nice Walk

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[Hugh Jackman, getting jacked on a cup of joe]

I drink coffee. I love coffee. And I love a good walk.

The most powerful yet legal fat-burning cocktail I’ve ever experienced is:

  1. Day-fasting
  2. A cup of coffee (I prefer Americano — espresso and hot water)
  3. A nice long walk.

Of course, you can do a high-intensity workout like CrossFit or some form of high-intensity interval training in place of the nice long walk. And I sometimes do. But there’s just something inherently good (physically and mentally) about a nice long walk.

In any case, about this cocktail:

Intermittent fasting releases catecholamines that are lipotrophic (fat breakdown), facilitating fat metabolism. And coffee enhances fat metabolism during physical activity (but not so much during inactivity). 

Whether my goal is to burn fat or not, I enjoy walking because it’s inherently a human function, and because it is anti-inflammatory. Inflammation has been associated with poor joint health, accelerated aging, insulin resistance, leptin resistance at the hypothalamus level, and of course heart disease.

While chronic high-intensity exercise may increase inflammation, a nice long walk has been shown to decrease it. 

Of course, we burn more calories (better to help weight loss or prevent weight gain) when we exercise more intensely, but if frequency and intensity outpace recovery, then we’re not doing any favor to our underlying health and may even inhibit fat loss. A walk is easy on the body, while still burning decent calories.

And taken with coffee, much of the energy for walking comes from metabolized fat. Good for looking good.

Skip a meal. Drink some coffee. Take a walk. And look good. 🙂

[Picture from the Sartorialist.]

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