Getting Lean is Simple

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Getting cut is not about exercise as much as it is about diet — specifically eating better and eating less. It’s that simple.

Look around in the gym. People bust their asses year after year, but not all of them are lean and cut. Sometimes it’s genetics, but often it’s because of how they eat. It’s that simple.

There could be many reasons for not being lean, but a guaranteed way of obliterating definition and muscular tone is eating too much crappy food. It’s that simple.

Eat more fresh vegetables and more fresh fruits in place of food that’s been processed, packaged, or boxed. And, be like the French and other nations that don’t suffer an obesity crisis, and stop snacking. It’s that simple.

Anyone who tells you that overweight is more complicated than that — like it’s a result of metabolic dysfunction, energy regulatory impairment, thyroid problems, etc. — is trying to confuse you or trying to make themselves appear more knowledgeable.

They might be correct, but it’s often nothing that can’t be resolved by eating better and eating less. It’s that simple.

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