Nice Arms and Ripped Abs

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There’s something cool about simplicity. Take the guy in this picture from the Sartorialist blog.

The simplicity of a plain white t-shirt and a pair of khakis can make a sonorous statement.

I’ve decided this same simplicity is the platform for this blog.

Believe me, the topic on which this blog is based — looking physically good — was not born out of simplicity. It is a long road.

Let Me Gloat

Years ago, I started out wanting nice arms and ripped abs.

Eventually I earned a degree in exercise science. Then for the next 2 decades I earned a living in the fitness industry — through which time I’ve successfully worked with hundreds of private clients in the area of weight loss, muscle building, physique competitions, amateur and professional sports, and general health.

I also have trained for numerous personal goals — fat loss, competitive sports, bodybuilding competitions, powerlifting meets, and Olympic-style weightlifting meets.

And I’ve subscribed to a shit-load of scientific journals (most of which, I’ll admit, have put me into a coma). I still read many. I’ve also read countless blogs, but recently I’ve reduced them to just a couple dozens that I enjoy. It was time I simplify.

Full Circle

Formal education took my career into the area of athletic performance. But in the end, I’ve always known that most people I work with fundamentally enjoy a lean, well-defined body.

These days I’m back to being all about building this much coveted body — you know, nice arms and ripped abs. 

A Topic I know Well

With my rich, professional experience, I believe I know how to build a great-looking body.

But I am reminded of a pretty cool tale:

A man trying to fix his broken boiler has failed at the task for many months. Eventually he gives up and calls in an expert. An engineer arrives and gives one gentle tap on the side of the broiler, and the damn thing roars to life. The engineer gives the man a bill and the man argues that his bill should be smaller, on the account that the engineer took only a moment for a simple tap. The engineer patiently explains that the man is not paying for the time it took to tap the broiler, but for the years of experience involved in knowing that all you need is a gentle tap.

Getting a lean, well-defined body requires the same gentle tap. Contrary to what the magazines, books, and internet would tell us, getting a hot body should not be so complicated.

As long as you put in the work, the process should be as simple as a gentle tap. 

And Style?

Well, I love clothes, especially those with statement and panache. Worn with attitude they enhance the look of their owners. Perhaps fashion takes the obsession out of body, and put the joy into possessing a nice one. It’s very well for this reason that i love clothes.

So, this being my blog, you’ll find lots of posts about trendy clothes, too — especially if they’re on great bodies.

Just as earning a head-turning body should not be so confusing, fashion should neither be so complicated. If it looks good, or merely different from the mundane, then I’ll share it on this blog.

Simple enough.

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