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Are You Ready for Summer?

Some great warm-weather scenes over at the Sartorialist! It’s almost time for summer fun in North America. Move more, eat less. Let’s enjoy life! Advertisements

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The Myth of Sports-Specific Exercises

Read time: 1 minute Fitness professionals like to complicate things more than necessary. Take sports conditioning, for example. They talk specialized programming, the various qualities of strength, training cycles, and countless other variables.¬†They’re valid factors, but they’re mostly based on … Continue reading

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Getting Lean is Simple

Read time: 1 minute Getting cut is not about exercise as much as it is about diet — specifically eating better and eating less. It’s that simple. Look around in the gym. People bust their asses year after year, but … Continue reading

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Nice Arms and Ripped Abs

Read time: 2 minutes There’s something cool about simplicity. Take the guy in this picture from the Sartorialist blog. The simplicity of a plain white t-shirt and a pair of khakis can make a sonorous statement. I’ve decided this same … Continue reading

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K.I.S.S. My Muscle

Read time: 2 minutes In the last 20 years of being in the exercise industry, this is what I learned about building muscle: You must make the muscle stronger You must make the muscle fatigued Strength: You need to make … Continue reading

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Get Leaner with Chop Sticks?

Read time: 2 minutes I was eating dinner tonight and had a thought: what if we could lose fat by eating with chop sticks? The literature shows that if we eat slowly, we tend to eat less. By pacing our … Continue reading

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Muscle with Minimum Investment

Read time: 2 minutes I’ve been training myself and hundreds of clients for nearly 20 years. Throughout this period, I’ve used various training methods: bodybuilding, Superslow, powerlifting, so-called functional training, and olympic-style weightlifting. And in recent years it has been … Continue reading

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